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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tonight's Bike Thyme Ride

For tonight's Bike Thyme ride, we'll be riding out to Bennington Lake to appreciate the water and have a snack* or picnic dinner*. On the way back we'll stop at Pioneer Park for more water and relaxation if the group is wanting. We'll end at the Daily Market Cooperative office for organic lemonade with Klickers strawberries to kick off our first Bike Thyme! Also, there's Open Gardening at the Whitman Organic Garden. I'll be heading over there afterwards if there's time and ya'll can join me!

*Please bring your own snack and/or picnic dinner. I have room to carry it on my bike if you don't want to carry it the whole way.

Bike Thyme meets: Tuesdays, 6pm -@ 1st & Main
It's spandex-free, picnic-pace riding.Ride your commuter, your cruiser, your classic, your roadie.. ride whatever ya got!
Just please wear a helmet because we don't live in the Netherlands.

This is a Daily Market Cooperative interest group that is open to the public.
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