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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is me, and this is my bike.

Here is the text to this short video:

Hi, I'm RJ and this is my bike.

It has flat pedals so that I can wear sneakers, and fenders to keep them dry.

On my handlebars, I keep a little bag for small things, a white bike light to use at night, and an air horn, in case I need to be heard by inattentive drivers. It's REALLY LOUD.

On the back of my bike are two red bike lights and a reflective triangle that help me be seen from behind.

I also have an orange light tube that helps me be seen from the side at night.

On the back I have an Xtracycle that can hold a LOT of stuff!


There are some things that I always keep with me in my Xtracycle.


Sometimes I wear spandex when I ride my bicycle.. and, sometimes I don't.

These are bike shoes, and so are these.

These are bike gloves, and so are these.

This is a cycling jacket, and so is this.

It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you're safe and warm.



If I can't carry something on my Xtracycle, I use my bike trailer.


I even ride my bike when it snows.

I just put on some studded tires.. and make sure to dress real' warm.

Now why would I do that?

Well, because all I know, is that when I ride my bicycle, I'm in a much better mood than most people in those stinky ol' cars.

Some of the products seen in this video:

And don't forget, when possible, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BICYCLE SHOP! ;)

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