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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bicycling Walla Walla in the Winter

On Thursday, the hills glowed like amber instead of shivering blue.

Today, I wore short-fingered gloves on a 3 hour ride.

And just a few days ago, my friend Jim heard a sparrow's mating call.

I used to loathe the coming of winter in Walla Walla. The snow, the ice, the cold-- it meant riding indoors, watching whatever half-entertaining movie the library had to check out. Now, with my Surly, my studs, and my cyclocross bike-- winter in Walla Walla has become something else entirely. It's a time for silent roads and frosted grass. So here is the first FOND farewell of the belly of winter in Walla Walla.

Oh, yes-- there is more cold and chill to come. And don't get me wrong-- boy am I ready for bare legs any day now. But nevertheless. I close a chapter.

MUSIC: Coldplay, "Life in Technicolor" on Viva La Vida

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