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To the grocery store, up a mountain, across the country or to the finish line--
it's all an adventure.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bike Thyme Goodness

Wow, what a wonderful Bike Thyme we had this last Tuesday. We stopped for blackberries, admired our beautiful foothills in the early evening sunlight and ended at the Whitman Organic Garden for a lovely tour of lively flowers and produce. All this is wonderful already, but add the endorphins produced from pumping pedals and fresh summer air and it was all the lovelier.

Bike Thyme is a Daily Market Cooperative interest group that is open to the public. Bike Thyme meets Tuesdays at 6pm at 1st & Main St for "spandex-free, picnic-pace bicycle lovin'." Bring dinner- I'll carry it in my cooler! We ride about 9 miles with a break in the middle.
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