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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bike Thyme - Tues, July 22

This week's bike Thyme will take us south of town where we'll do a "lollipop" loop and stop to relax at Prospect Point elementary and enjoy our picnic snacks and dinners before ending at Daily Market.

Bike Thyme, meets Tuesdays @ 6pm @ 1st & Main St.
It's a casual, no-rush ride.

Things to bring:
  • Your not-so-speedy bicycle
  • Your helmet
  • A snack or picnic dinner (I'll be toting an ice chest to keep it cool)
  • Water bottle (I'll have extra water for refills)
  • Sometimes it might be dusky when we return, so it's smart to bring at least a flashing red light for behind (a front white light is also very good). I recommend the Planet Bike Blinky Super Flash - available at your local bike shop for about $20, but well worth the money!
  • Your friend
& be ready for a great time!

..I'm going to see if I can get my stereo working with an Ipod so our sound system won't skip. :)

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