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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bike Thyme Success!

We had a wonderful time tonight.

I showed up a bit late (sorry!) since I had work right up until (and a tad after) 6pm. I think I was forgiven as soon as the boombox, ice chest and water cooler that were strapped to my Xtracycle were appreciated. We rode nice an' easy out to Bennington Lake (Jack Johnson accompanied us)-- ate our snacks & dinners there with friendly conversation. We adventured down the gravel path which lead us to the Mill Creek multi-use trail and coasted back to Daily Market under a red sun. We topped the night off with some strong lemonade (again, my doing- sorry!) made from Daily Market products and said, "see you again next week!"

We hope you'll join us. :)

Bike Thyme
  • Bicycle riding at a friendly pace. 
  • Cruiser, commuters & vintage bicycles encouraged.
  • Bring snacks &/or dinner (I'll carry it in my cooler!)
  • Depending on the week, there may be destinations like Bennington Lake, Welcome Table Farm and more!
  • Other good things to bring: helmet, water bottle, bike lights in case it gets dusky.
Rides meet: Tuesdays, 6pm (sometimes I'll be late) @ 1st & Main St. downtown

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