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Friday, October 23, 2009

HERE IT IS!! What We Saw: TransAmerica Bicycle Tour 2009

What We Saw: TransAmerica Bicycle Tour 2009 from Rebecca Jensen on Vimeo.

This summer, my bud Mia and I rode BICYCLES across the WHOLE FREAKIN' U.S. Follow the "TransAmerica Tour" link in the Contents bar to the right to see more photos, read more stories and start planning your own tour.

You're entitled to adventure. So GO GET IT! Stop telling me that you're too old, too fat or too tied-down. We all know that these obstacles have been circumnavigated time and time again.

And please, if this inspired you-- share with others! Whatever your or their adventure may be.

Yes, the show is 20 minutes long-- but it is fast-paced and musical! Stop reading and WATCH!!

By request, the playlist:

  1. Funiculi Funicula, Andrea Bocelli
  2. On the Road Again, Canned Heat
  3. Just a Girl, No Doubt
  4. One Red Thread, Blind Pilot
  5. Boy With a Coin, Iron & Wine
  6. You Can't Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones
  7. Shut Your Eyes, Snow Patrol

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