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Friday, January 9, 2009

Bicycle Light Testing


Serious GEEK OUT ahead!!

If you're read my previous post on my 'light condition', you'll recall that I had a huge 6-volt flashlight clamped to my handlebars and two closet lights screwed precariously onto my fork. The closet lights, as expected, were just the first thing to go. That's where I draw the line of tackiness. I still want to utilize these lights somehow, but not by interfering with my beautiful fork. The 6-volt flashlight was doing alright. The threads of the u-clamp-thingies needed some Loctite. The light didn't 'spread' very much to light my way, but it was a great 'spot' for being seen. It finally came off though, when it just took up too much space on my bars. Now I have a super LED flashlight (thanks, Mom!) strapped on with nothing more than a beefy rubber band! I have to say, it is doing quite spectacularly! It doesn't have any better of a spread than the 6-volt, but it packs a serious punch of be-seen light for its small size.

Oh! And it's FRIDAY. Which means I copy my brother-in-law and post music. :)

I bring you.. Tegan and Sara.

Skip to 1:18 to skip the pre-song small talk banter.

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