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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conduct this experiment

Conduct this experiment:

1. Stand at a street corner with a pen and paper and tally in separate categories how many automobiles you see carrying 1, 2 and 3+ people. Also include one category each for buses, motorcycles and bicycles. Stop when one of your categories hits 50.

I stood, just now, at the street corner of Tietan St. and 2nd Ave with a pen and paper. These are my results:

Automobiles carrying 1 person: 50
Automobiles carrying 2 people: 10
Automobiles carrying 3 or more people: 3
Buses: 2
Motorcycles: 2
Bicycles: 1

A lot of those drivers looked absolutely capable of riding a bicycle.

Where are you going and what are you doing that requires a large, heavy, oil-fueled smoggy contraption to move you from A to B? 40% of American trips are within 2 miles of home! And if you're in Walla Walla, you're rarely moving more than 5 at a time.

Tell me, do you really need something as complicated as a motor vehicle to get you to the coffee shop?

2. Go to the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge map to find what's in your 2 mile radius. If you live in Walla Walla, type in 1st & Main St.-- voila! Just about all of Walla Walla is in a 2-mile radius.

3. Ride your bike to the coffee shop!
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