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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Proud Xtracycle Load

` * Ta DAAA!! * '

Sometimes I just wish I could ride my bike around and have it be normal. Sometimes I don't want to make a big deal out of carrying a load by bicycle. After all, I don't do it as part of a sideshow circus act- it's my normal way of life and I wanted it to be treated as such. We don't say, "WOW!! Lookit what you fit in your CAR!!" every time you load something in your car, do we? Well, I think I've proved my point by now that I can carry most things on my bicycle, so stop being so surprised!

On the other hand, sometimes I do feel like puffing my chest and announcing, "Hey, look at me!" This usually happens when I carry something "unusual" on my bike or when I'm having a moment of "gee, I sure hope I can fit this on my bike or I'll be embarrassed," only to discover that it loads beautifully. This is one of those moments.

I  stopped at two different thrift stores a few days ago and made purchases at each. At Goodwill, I was delighted to find an "Xtracycle shaped" water jug AND "Xtracycle shaped" soft cooler! While I've had no problem carrying traditional-sized coolers around, these slim rectangular ones are a perfect fit. I also picked up an external frame backpack, a find I can never resist. I have affection for external frame backpacks. Oh, and there was also a precious wicker picnic basket that could not be left behind. :)

Okay, so I had loaded my purchases no problem and then I rode past the Humane Society Thrift Store and saw a darling cruiser asking to come home with me. This is the moment where I thought, "hmm.. am I going to be able to bring home all this AND a bike?" Well, the way it is with thrift stores, it might be gone when you come back- so I bought it then and there in the hopes I could bring it home no problem.

And, TA DA!! - I did. :D
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