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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jamis Supernova Cyclocross Bike For Sale - $950


Glad to know that a young person will have many happy miles on this!

In an effort to thin my stable of bikes..

A 2008 frameset that retailed for $1000, + Ultegra and Easton Circuit SL wheels.. $950.

Size 48cm (fits ~ 5'3" to 5'5", roughly. I'm 5'4".)

Only one season of cyclocross on it-- plus some adventuresome road miles and commuting. But I mostly ride my Trek 520-- as you will discover if you read the rest of this blog. :)

The rims are showing wear, but still have another wet season or two before needing a rebuild. The bearings were recently replaced.

Also comes with Shimano SPD pedals (probably M540?) and a 46t FSA chainring (currently has 50, for a road set-up. Use the 46 for off-road).

This bike also features a slanted, flat underside on the top tube-- perfect for shouldering it!
Whether cyclocross racing or just getting your bike up the stairs-- it's comfy!

Comes with "grass" tires.

For another $50, you can also have some Michelin Mud tires (half off retail!).
One unused, one hardly used!

This bike is great for the indecisive-- the jack and jill of all-trades.

A great starter bike for someone wanting to crack into road cycling; a nice, light racer for someone who wants to try cyclocross; or a quick and capable commuter for someone who wants to ride to work!

Can you pick me up later?

I had the option to be picked up at the bus station, but I asked to be picked up closer to home--

so I could ride just a little bit more.

Having SUPER bright lights, enables me to really enjoy night riding. Having confidence that I can see and be seen, I can relax and enjoy sleepy roads. I'm riding in a place I've been before, but it's wholly different. Looks different, sounds different, feels different on my face. It's exciting.

My whole sensation of movement-- is like those scenes in movies when the background blurs, sound dampens and echos, and a hyper-awareness occurs. I can get that anytime of day on my bike, but the darkness only lends to it-- cuts the distractions until it's just me and my bike, pumping along.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wednesday Ride with Dad

Getting some miles in with my dad.

He got his bike just this fall and has ridden it pretty regularly to work. After seeing my dad's shiny roadster, someone from the shop next door decided HE needed a shiny roadster. I wonder if that guy is still riding his roadster..

Meanwhile-- I like riding with my dad on Wednesdays.

We're lucky to live so close to a great trail!

And we were lucky to have such a sun-shiny Wednesday!

Cool air.

We practiced a bit of drafting.

I kept cracking the whip because we both had buses to catch!
Maybe I'll use that reason more often.. heh heh.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maps are Hope

The way people read books for pleasure is the way I read maps.

I spend time curled up with them on the couch or daydreaming on a bus.

I examine all the little symbols and translate them into thoughts, questions, musings.

This thin, squiggly line must be a peaceful road.. with wet deciduous trees that hush the wind and shake little plump droplets onto your face. The road might be narrow, winding and steep. I could feel powerful as I rock my bike back and forth, ascending. I might puff white wisps of carbon dioxide into the air, ears red and legs warm.

There could be darling houses and old architecture. A bakery that has the BEST cinnamon rolls.

When I look at maps-- I see the potential of all that could be.

Maps to me, are hope.

Because hope is having grounds to believe that something good will happen.

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Hard Drive!

My MacBook came back from the doctor with a new battery and hard drive! Good thing is that my computer is as good as new! Bad thing is that my computer is as good as new! None of my stuff is on it. Doh.

(No, it's not backed up. Yes, I know. I'm going back to the Genius Bar to see if they can still get it.)

So I can't show you the TOTALLY COOL PHOTOS I got from a bike commute the other day.

I shall rely on my words.

So I was out riding my Trek 520 , my trusty touring bike, from Seattle to Bellevue. It's a chilly and humid morning in Seattle. I flip my super bright lights on to flash mode. I FLY down, down, down Fremont. Well, that's a bit of a lie-- I laid on my brakes, down, down, Fremont and was happy at each stoplight that my brakes are awesome. Then I chugga-chugga up and down Dexter. OH MY GOODNESS! Seattle has so many bike commuters! We are passing each other and clumping at stop lights.

Then I was in downtown Seattle. Gray sky, gray ground, gray buildings-- red jacket. I am feeling very fashionable and comfortable in my Gore jacket. It's a sharp, mature look, notably missing the litter of sponsor names I would wear in college.

So I am in downtown Seattle-- pumpin' up and down one-way streets, changing lanes and following sharrows until I am bursting up Pine. I pull over at Stumptown to check the time and de-layer a bit. I am pressed for time, so I resist the cappuccino.

Up and down, up and down, I swoop through Madrona's posh an' quaint main street until I am rattling down to the water, carefully keeping my ever-increasing speed in check. I am focused on finding a smooth path down, void of cracks and holes. I am pumping and feathering the brakes, my butt behind the saddle, my cheeks wonderfully cold, fall air in my lungs, sweat vaporizing and my vision pans up off the concrete to see the water--


{insert picture here!}

Lemme tell you-- it was great. Hardly a distinction between water and sky-- just a white abyss and the Bellevue skyline pushing through it. My destination presented as a fantastical place.

It just wouldn't have been the same from the interior of a car-- warm air blowing, music bopping, heart rate resting. It would have been a disconnected and split-second observation.

I love riding my bike.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Stop in Boise

On the way to Xterra US Nationals in Utah, we stopped in Boise, Idaho.

Wow, Boise is one well kept secret!

Walk 100 paces from the edge of town-- and you will bump into a rad trail system. It's not a solitary getaway and it's not swarming with people either-- but it is well appreciated.

While waiting around in the parking lot, I watched a man trot down off the hillside, across the street and into town. He likely started his run right from his front door.

Look one way to see downtown..

..look the other way to see mountain bike bliss!

I stopped by the local mountain/bike shop to get a trail recommendation--
the woman we spoke with was so enthusiastic about Boise, she said,

"seriously, just move here."

I'd consider it.

A Stop in Walla

On my way to Xterra US Nationals in Ogden, Utah-- we stopped over in Walla Walla, WA, my college town. I was a dedicated road racer in college and I stayed in Walla every collegiate summer because I just could not. stop. riding. I had to see every road Walla had to offer. Though I know there are still more I haven't seen.

So given a slice of time in the morning to take a jaunt on the mountain bike-- I headed down Lone Fir. Except this time, I had 2.0 and 2.2" Captain Control mtb tires-- not 23mm race slicks.

One of my favorite vistas.

I was possibly "over biking" the gravel roads; but hey, I had a race to stay fresh for.

First time I've ridden a mountain bike in Walla Walla.

I eagerly steered my tires into a pit of mud, only to find it was more like clay.
Lesson learned!

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