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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Introducing: BIKEWallaWalla

This Saturday I rode out to the Farmers Market with a table (thanks, Linda!!) and bundles of bicycling information in tow. Lucky me, I got to set up right next to Daily Market Cooperative, my favorite booth, of course. :) One of my goals was to collect some signatures to support bicycling infrastructure and facilities in Walla Walla- more specifically, bike lanes. I printed out some pictures of the current state of the lanes and they proved themselves to be very convincing in winning support for REAL lanes (as in, lanes you can actually see without using your imagination). I also brought, of course, my Xtracycle- which started many conversations, as usual. I was also glad that I had some pictures printed out from Copenhagen Cycle Chic of moms in heels pedaling bakfiets with kids inside. They helped me to make some good points.

While this week's booth was put together at the last minute, it was an overall success and I came away with lots of ideas on how to make it better next week!

Thank you all who signed up to support BIKEWallaWalla. We're going to make this a bicycling friendly town!
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