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Saturday, February 28, 2009

HOTbike Success!

Okay, here it is! If you missed it, here's a peek at HOTbike!

We made just about $300! That's just about enough to pay for the new tires, chains, cables and housing that come with preparing our (the CCY Junior Cycling Team's) steeds for the spring racing season! Perfect!

A very special thank you to ALLEGRO CYCLERY who donated a huge list of prizes, including a very special Chrome Messenger Bag that was highly coveted! Mike Austin of Allegro Cyclery also built our ramp and acted as a judge with Allegro's Justin Bannerman.

Lish Riley, of the Whitman Outdoor Program also donated prizes and acted as a judge.

The Whitman Cycling team was also fantastic at coming up with super creative costumes and winging an, yes, unrehearsed show!

Pause 4 Effect gave us spectacular live music.

Rare Finds baked us delicious espresso cupcakes to sell!

Sweet Basil donated a gift certificate.

Debi & Jim Toews covered the cost of pizza for all our performers!

Ethan Mansfield of Whitman Cycling helped a TON with planning.

Duncan McGovern of Whitman Cycling filmed.

Fiona Taggart (of Whitman Cycling) landed us LOTS of great lights and helped set up.
As did Rachel Hoar (of Whitman Cycling).

Mia Huth (Whitman Cycling) stayed late to clean up.

(*Mostly Whitman Cycling!:)
Colin Gibson MC'd the event and
Anna Daron Bacheller
Alice Bagley
Emily Baker
Nathan Bannerman
Ben Chaddock
Malcolm Dunn
Andy Erickson
Rachel Hoar
Mia Huth
Ethan Mansfield
Chelsea Momany
Alex Pogue
Terrence Reid
Emily Rodriguez
Calisa Schouweiler
Fiona Taggart
Kendi Thomas
Debi Toews
Brian Wakefield


And last, but not least, thank you Whitman Cycling for partnering with us!


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