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Monday, February 1, 2010

I Want to S240

An S240 ("Es-Two-Four-Oh") is a sub-24-hour bike trip, or bike camping. The term was coined by the folks at Rivendell-- so I will let them explain it:
Bike camping and bike touring are alike enough to require the same kind of gear, but bike touring emphasizes the journey, and you stop only so you can refresh yourself and do it again the next day. Bike camping emphasizes the destination and what you do once you get there, and you just happen to get there on a bike.                                  From www.rivbike.com
The shortness is key, and the concept is simple: You leave in the afternoon or evening in time to get to your camp while there's still enough light to set up the tent. Then you cook, eat, talk, go to bed, and ride home the next morning.                                                                     Article in Adventure Cycling, January 2007
S240's are brilliant! They require little planning and no vacation time. You can do it in any style. Go ultralight or bring the dutch oven-- it doesn't matter because it's only for a night!

I would like to set a goal to spend X amount of nights outside within the next year. I don't know how many to shoot for yet, but S240's are going to help me get there. Now it's time to research all the cool places I could go!

Have you been dreaming of a tour, but haven't gotten it off the ground yet? Have you thought about going on an S240?
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