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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gregg's Cycle

I don't know if I've "officially" announced it on this blog, but I work on the sales floor at Gregg's Bellevue Cycle. When I returned from my bike trip across the country, which is one thing I've long wanted to do-- I decided to get a job I've always wanted to have: work the sales floor of a bike shop. Helping people get into cycling is something I do anyway, might as well get paid for it and learn more in the process!

And not only did I land a job in a bike shop, but I landed in a shop that has received a pile of awards on the city, state and national level. 

So if you are in the greater Seattle area (or the Eastside, as we call it) and would like to pick my brain in person about touring, Xtracycles, commuting and more-- come visit me at the shop! I currently work Sunday through Wednesday, excepting Wednesday morning. Come spring, I hope to switch my schedule (Wednesday through Saturday) so that I can pick up mountain bike racing this summer and revisit cyclocross in the fall. 
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