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Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Disco Shoes

New Shoe(s)

I like wearing stuff out. Not prematurely, of course-- but over a sensible course of time. What I hate is having something shiny and new and watching it sit in the closet or garage, still shiny and new. I don't like having gear that I don't or won't use the heck out of. So it was with both reluctance and pride that I bought new shoes. The tread had worn low, the velcro stuck weakly and finally-- I blew out a hole in the toe (so THAT'S why my left toes were numb!). The hole was the tipping point-- and now I got new dancin' shoes! Seriously, I could hit the disco in these-- look how shiny!

Oh, and I got to see these guys on my ride today!:

The big one just looked at me. Little guy did all the barking.
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