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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thanks to my dedicated following of the Adventure Cycling blog, I discovered yet another fantastic cycle touring resource: "Traveling Two."

Traveling Two is both neatly organized, yet a fascinating tangle that's fun to explore. There are basic how-to articles targeted at first-time touring cyclists, yet experienced touring cyclists may pick up a neat tip or two or just smile smugly at confirmation of their smart tour techniques. Mixed in, you'll find fuel for inspiration by means of interviews with touring cyclists of unique or epic character and circumstance. For instance, I was happy to find an article that highlighted a family of 5 riding to Alaska on one bike! On our summer bike tour on the TransAm, we actually crossed paths with these folks (we heard stories and saw their sign-ins in various journals), but never actually got to meet them. We also heard about a man on a handcycle, towing his wheelchair behind him. Has anyone come across his journal?

While I will continue to provide my angle on tips and how-tos-- as there are so many ways to bike tour-- visit Traveling Two for a rich deposit of advice and inspiration!

If you don't already, I also recommend spending time with the Adventure Cycling map of all routes (it's a pdf download). It always gets me dreamin' and schemin'.
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