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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mountain Biking in the City

It's amazing to me that something THIS refreshing is available IN the city. This is St.Edward's State Park, in Kenmore, WA. 

To see what other trails are close to the Seattle/Western Washington area, go to EVERGREENMTB.ORG and check out the "Trail Info" section. There you can find user-created reviews and descriptions of local trails.

What kept me from venturing into mountain biking for so long is that I found it very strange to have to get in a CAR in order to go ride my BIKE. Why would I do that when I could hop on my road bike and leave from my front door?

Well, I no longer live in Walla Walla where it only took 5 minutes to get out of town and into solitude. Work, the grocery store and my friends were also a 5, 10, or maybe a 30 minute bike ride away. Now I live outside of the big city and work in it. I ride my bike for nearly an hour in order to ride a bus for another hour. Cars, buses, freeway traffic-- they have infiltrated my life. But instead of being sour about the whole situation, I can take advantage of it. On Wednesdays, I borrow the car. Handy things those cars. And on Wednesday mornings before work..  I get to swing by St.Ed's with my mountain bike. Yes, just swing by. It's on the way to work.

While I do look forward to someday living closer to work and riding my bike to work, the grocery and my friends' house..

I won't complain.

This is Byron!
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