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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seattle Bike Swap!

THIS Saturday is the Seattle Bike Swap. I have never been to the Swap, but I have heard a number of stories. I've heard about obviously stolen bikes being parted out right on the floor; people carrying bundles of cash to drop it on piles of carbon fiber; people buying goods at one booth only to go back to their own booth and try to sell it for more..

I am guessing that these are the 'unusual' stories that get passed around so much that it sounds like the norm. But I admit-- I am very curious as to what the 'scene' will be. Cyclists can be a really eclectic crowd. I imagine people will be looking for obscure vintage Campy parts, frames to build up as fixed gear, shiny carbon fiber things, commuter accessories and more.

And *I* will be there, selling some of my own goods, including:

The trailer. And the Raleigh mtn bike I used to tow it.

Yes, this trailer has served me well. I moved out of an apartment using it. I used it regularly to haul bikes for work.

And I even turned it into a pirate ship for our "Bikes and Buses are Beautiful" group in the Walla Walla Parade.

Unfortunately, my current living situation does not lend to using this trailer very much or at all-- and while I would like to use it again in the future, I am trying to slim down on my possessions. Use it or lose it. I'd rather this trailer be used, loved and appreciated than stuck in a garage.

Wow, didn't think someone could get so sentimental about a trailer, eh?

Oh, and caveat: the trailer won't actually be IN the booth-- as we get a tiny, tiny booth. I'll have a photo posted and the trailer will be in a vehicle in the parking lot.
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