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Sunday, May 10, 2009


National DivII Womens Team Time Trial Champions
National DivII Team Omnium Champions
National DivII Criterium Champion

Comeback baby.

Whitman College just made a HUGE splash at Collegiate Road Cycling Nationals.

Road Race: a team of balance.
Hard and smart teamwork by both the men's and women's team put Duncan McGovern and Kendi Thomas in the top ten (9th and 6th). With the team omnium in mind, the domestiques (racers that ride in support of the team leader) still turned in great top-20 finishes.

Criterium: a team of speed.
The women absolutely DOMINATED the criterium, sending off so many attacks.. they started to wonder if maybe they were being a bit TOO aggressive. Kendi grabbed handfuls of prime points, Mia won another, Emily went flyering, then Mia laid down a blistering lead out for Kendi for the WIN and Roxy came up 6th!!
The men rode in fantastic support of Ben Chaddock, who came 2nd in the bunch sprint for 4th overall. Again, with the team omnium in mind-- the boys kept in the top 20.

Team Time Trial: a team of KICK ASS.
The women flippin' WON IT by OVER a minute-- even while Kendi found her tire to be at 60psi at the start line (ordinarily you'd want at least 110). The ladies proved that their talent is deep.

The men, I believe for the first time-- PODIUM'd in THIRD!! They have been working SO hard on their TTT all season, it's wonderful to see it really pay off for them. I think their euro mullets were probably the tipping point.

Banquet: a team of high thrift store style.
Keep the tradition rockin', kids.

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