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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stop to smell the.. photos.

Gravel trail curving toward Bennington Lake.

Okay, so I own THREE camera batteries so that I NEVER have a "DOH! My battery died.." moment ever again. But now I've gone through all three batteries and my charger is not to be found! DOH!

What will I do without my camera?

A cool and grassy spot just off trail at Bennington Lake.

When riding alone, I do a lot of starting and stopping to take photos at my leisure. While I clearly love taking photographs (and messing around on Photoshop) as there is a lot of evidence of this on my blog-- sometimes I think I ought to leave the camera at home more often so half my ride time isn't spent setting the self-timer. Yeah, I know-- riding along at a stroll and looking around isn't a bad deal. But sometimes-- you just need to get your heart rate up and your legs burning. And when your lungs are wanting to burst-- there's no time for pictures. Hmm.. I think I'll take Mr.Madone for a spin.

Oh my, having two new bikes absolutely requires at least two good rides per day!

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