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it's all an adventure.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Okay, so it had been a whole whoppin' WEEK since I had last gone on a bike ride (not including commuting, of course). That's quite a while for me to go without a bona fide ride. What's the deal? Have I had a lot on my plate recently? Sure, but even amid a busy schedule, I am usually able to prioritize a ride.

So, my explanation? I've been hibernating. 

Yep. I'm savin' up!

I can feel my body anticipating the long, arduous journey I'm about to endure (touring 4200 miles across the country)-- and my body's response has been to sit on my butt and eat ice cream. Hmm, maybe that's just the stress coming through. Ah, well. I finally ripped myself away from my To-Do Lists and WENT FOR A RIDE. A short one, but a ride.

Oh, and I found my camera battery charger!! I've been without it for some odd weeks now. Of course, I had hidden it in a clever place. :)

It's hot! 

Well, it's probably only 85 degrees or something. But this is new to my body-- so IT'S HOT!!
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