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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whitman Cycling: Most Improved Woman

As a freshman on the Whitman College Cycling Team, I was chubby, fresh off of knee surgery, and bore relentless enthusiasm. That summer, I entered a stage race so over my head that the race organizers let me start an hour early. (Then it became more of a stage RIDE than RACE, I guess). But that didn't budge my enthusiasm one bit. I was a happy clam! I was riding my BIKE!

By the time my sophomore season rolled around, I was 4 pant sizes smaller (14 to a 6). My goal was never to lose weight. It would take me an HOUR to eat enough breakfast to make it to mid-morning snack. I just really, REALLY loved riding my bike.

That spring, I made it onto our Nationals squad-- and we won the women's team time trial, the team omnium, podium'd our girls in the criterium and Mara won the road race.

At the year-end team party, I was awarded a skin suit to recognize my vast improvement.

So to the next Most Improved Woman on the Whitman College Cycling Team:


Just keep riding!

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