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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mid-ride Cinnamon Roll

I had been craving a mid or post-ride, ooey-gooey cinnamon roll for weeks! Late at night, I'd tap at my laptop keys, searching, SEARCHING for that "BEST CINNAMON ROLL EVER."

And here's my first discovery: the Snohomish Pie Company makes cinnamon rolls!

While their pies looked ready to floor me-- there is no fighting a craving. So for 5 bucks, I had me a warmed cinnamon roll and diner coffee. And it was.. pretty good. It satisfied my craving, but it wasn't a bull's eye. It should've been a little hotter. The gooey center was delightful enough to make me pause, but what gooey cinnamon center wouldn't? The bread was lacking-- just a little too stale on the outside, and lacking that bold, yeasty flavor that I like. And I prefer pecans. So it was good, it was worth it, but just not super-amazing.

Winter is a great time to warm up mid-ride with a pastry reward-- so I just might embark on a quest this winter for:

the perfect mid/post-ride cinnamon roll!!


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