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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Riding into the Zone

Due to culture, infrastructure and who knows what else-- Snohomish County can be a strange place to be a cyclist. The country roads are attractive-- but then a black SUV buzzes you and leaves you frightened instead of meditative. The key to good riding is just getting farther and farther out of town.

Today, these are the zones I experienced:

Zone 1: Suburbia
Zone 2: High volume, 2-lane highway
Zone 3: Quiet, wide, separated bike path
Zone 4: Country roads and ugly motorists
Zone 5: Beautiful country roads and less motorists
Zone 6: Quiet, beautiful, narrow country road..

and that's this:

Next up is Zone 7: Gravel fire road.

But soon.. I'll be moving to a place in King County where I can get to Zone 5 immediately and Zone 8: Singletrack, real quick! YES!!

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