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Friday, February 27, 2009

Whitman Ladies' Skills Practice

The Whitman mock races are this weekend! Each year, the Whitman College cycling team hold several practice races over a weekend to brush up on group riding, kick the legs out of base and give the beginners their first race-like experience without the hustle and bustle of a real race weekend.

In anticipation of these races, some of the Whitman ladies got together for a skills practice in a parking lot. We started by picking up bottles off the ground while riding, then rode holding each other's hands or shoulders, then we had a "slow race" (last one wins!) and it eventually evolved into everyone "supermaning"! WOW!

It was interesting to see people show preferences for certain skills. I liked the slow race the most, but perhaps that's because I practice track standing at most stoplights I come to. Others thought the slow race was the most challenging, while I didn't feel ready to give the Superman a try-- but I was willing to film it! I also realized that having a digital camera at a skills practice is handy! Everyone wants to come and see how well they did it!
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