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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GEAR REVIEW: Detours Digi Mig Stem Bag

This is my new favorite bag. It's not perfect, but it's still amazing.

I bought this bag from the Adventure Cycling online store

On my tour this summer, I don't plan on wearing any cycling jerseys (which have handy pockets), but only wool or synthetic shirts. Pocketless, I am left wondering where to keep my camera. Sure, I could use a handlebar bag-- but I am leaning towards not getting one at all. It just takes over too much handlebar space. I like a LOT of handlebar space. I don't even have a bike computer, but I suppose that's for other reasons as well. Anyhow, my handlebar real estate does not go easily. THIS bag, however-- utilizes the STEM, all the while staying far, far away from my hands and wrists. How absolutely fabulous.

So, the bag is there at your finger tips and it even has a nifty map case on the front-- just enough space to write out some "right, left, right" directions and slip them inside. But I called it imperfect, what's the deal?

I'll break it down into a list. Everyone, excuse me-- anyone reading a gear review-- likes a list.

  • Makes camera easily accessible while riding. Even MORE accessible than your jersey pocket! I just leave the bag unzipped and my camera cord hanging out. When I want to use my camera while riding, I simply slip my hand through the cord and pull the camera out, without fear of dropping it or crashing into a ditch.
  • Magnetic closure!
  • It mounts in an out-of-the way place. It doesn't take any precious hand/wrist space.
  • The mount is "knog" style, which makes installation easy and straightforward.
  • The case slides on and off the mount for quick portability.
  • The inside is nice and soft, so it won't scratch up your digital camera screen.
  • There are little pockets inside perfect for spare batteries or memory cards.
  • An awesome map case on top! Not enough for an actual map, really-- but just enough space to scribble out "left turn, right turn" and have it not get wet.
  • It doesn't 'click' into place (maybe mine is defected?), so it can easily be bumped out. I haven't had mine fall out while riding over bumpy road, but I could imagine knocking it loose by elbowing it while stopped.
  • I find that the zipper really does require two hands to open because the mount doesn't offer enough resistance. This makes it harder for the bag to operate as an "on-the-go" bag to access while riding. However, I don't mind leaving the bag unzipped until it starts to rain.
My disclaimer is that I've only had this bag for a week or so, but I already love it. For me, the pros heavily outweigh the cons.
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