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Monday, February 9, 2009

The PERFECT Bicycle Touring Set Up

When purchasing bicycle touring gear, it is easy to become obsessed with finding "THE PERFECT" gear. 
  • The most indestructible, feather-light, shiny silver rack.
  • The most indestructible, feather-light, waterproof, pocketed, fire engine red panniers.
  • The most indestructible, feather-light, waterproof yet breathable, bright but not gaudy, zips-off-at-the-sleeves, passes as casual jacket.
  • The most indestructible..

you get my point.

I am (sort of) no longer looking for these PERFECT items. I DO like super handy, multi-use items-- like the Princton Tec Aurora 3 light that converts from a handlebar light, helmet light to a headlamp. And while I will strive to strike a balance between durability, weight and expense-- to an extent, I think it matters more that *I* am competent, more so than my gear.

So when I come across evidence as I've posted below, I feel multiple ways at once:
  1. I pass judgement for feeling like "I know better."
  2. I feel inspired by cheap, homemade solutions.
  3. I feel like if this person carried THAT much with THAT gear, then surely carrying the LITTLE gear I'll bring and the AWESOME gear I'll use.. I'll be JUST FINE! :)

My uncensored in-my-brain thoughts:

Why did you let another person on your bicycle?? Is that a rocket booster back there? Man, that thing has got to be like a bus!

Dude, this guy just draped two BACKPACKS off the back of his bike. And those are neon STRAWS on his spokes. His journal on Crazyguyonabike.com is hilarious.

From Tom's online journal: "I didn't go through extensive research in packing my things. I don't know how much anything weights, If i think it's too heavy I'll drop items.... or I'll pretend to be a battering ram and run into things."

Lying down to ride is weird. I think I would want to nap all the time. Those are frickin' huge flags. But I bet they did their job.

Pff! Fancy front rack? NAW. Just get a basket rack thinger!

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Sweet. Homemade panniers! I hope they last for ya.

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