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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A 7th Grade Review of Camp Wooten (State Park East of Walla Walla)

Haa. :)

i went to camp wooten with my 6th grade class in 2008! i had an awesome time! its a long drive from clarkston by bus but it was worth it! when me and my cabin were coming back from the showers at 10:15 PM there was a rustling in the bushes we had forgot to bring our flashlights so we didnt think anything of it until the next day when the boys told us that there was a cougar lurking around the girls cabins, and that rustling in the bushes WAS THE COUGAR! My whole cabin could have been carried off by that cougar! SO NEVER FORGET TO BRING YOUR FLASHLIGHT AND A ROCK WITH YOU AT NIGHT OUT IN THE FOREST!!!!! BEWARE OF THE COUGAR! ANYWHERE IN THE FOREST! but please dont be scared of camp wooten it is a great place and the park rangers got rid of the cougar! please go and visit Camp Wooten!
Written by Hannah 23-Jun-2008

Anyone want to bet that the rustling in the bushes was the BOYS who told the girls there was a cougar?? ;)
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