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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Light Experiment Update

CLOSET LIGHTS installed at the rack eyelet.
These closet lights actually did a nice job
of lighting the area around my front wheel.
I didn't use them for very long, though--
so I don't know how long they would have
remained bright.
The screw tended to jostle loose
and was inconvenient to get to.
Some Loctite could have fixed this,
but I ultimately couldn't stand the
tackiness, even though they were
dang bright for $2.50

6volt FLASHLIGHT, clamped on. 

This gave me a nice, confident spot
for cars to see me.
But the beam was narrow enough that
it didn't work for seeing my own path
as I thought it might.
Ultimately, though--
I like all the space on the handlebars that I can get.
And this just took up too much room.

SMALL LED FLASHLIGHT, held on with rubber bands.
The rubber bands worked remarkably well!
It was only the flashlight that gave in.
I used this light in wet conditions
and it began to dim dramatically.
If I found a more waterproof/tight flashlight,
I would do this again.

Now, this isn't a light-- but this is what is currently gracing my handlebars:
$0.45 BASKET held on with TWINE and some springy thingies.
Previous to this basket, I had 'hacked' another
$2 plastic basket using old metal basket clamps
and ending up doing a lot of ugly cutting and taping.
It was too hideous to post on this blog.
However, I have been on the HUNT for JUST the right basket.
I found it today. $0.49 including tax.
It is held on with nothing more than twine and
some springy end thingies that you find on jackets.
It is resting, and tied to, my shifter cables
in addition to the handlebars.
It is remarkably stable!!
I have not tested it with weight or contents.
I don't plan to put anything heavy in it.
I DO have an XTRACYCLE after all.
I think it needs a lid-type thing to keep things from blowing away.

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