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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Copenhagen & the Netherlands

So, I spend a lot of time on Copenhagenzie.com slobbering over things like this:

A blind spot in the bike lane is indicated by
a painted red and white target in Copenhagen.

and wondering why the crap we can't (or, more accurately, aren't) doing smart things like that here in the US. Or wondering why we don't see Everyday Cool People riding Sweet Ass Bikes like these cargo bikes here:

And while I will continue to feed on Copenhagenize, my NEW favorite slobber site is Hembrow Cycling Holidays. I mean, where else can you see 850 cycle spaces for 725 students at a grade school?

I mean, heck, the rubbish bin is even designed for cyclists!:

Wow. And buck up and put on your woolies! It's 24 degrees F (-4 C) and watch this 1 minute tour through downtown Assen:

Y0u don't see that many bicycles or parked bicycles on a SUNNY day here! Sheesh.

Dream of a better life at Hembrow Cycling Holidays where you can:
  • Go on a "Study Tour" to learn about cycling infrastructure
  • Browse mind-blowing photos & videos
  • Thicken your arsenal with handy & informational articles
  • And start t'inkin' about HOW WE CAN DO IT HERE!
I mean, COME ON, people!

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