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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Camp Wooten & Windmills!

The other week Debi Toews and I rode  out to Camp Wooten and her husband Jim Toews sagged us- which basically means to frog hop us in a car and pamper us with water, cool rags, cookies and chocolate milk in martini glasses along the way. And yes, Jim was sagging us on Father's Day- but I'm pretty sure that sagging his wife and bird watching all along the way was something that Jim Toews would want to do on Father's Day because Jim likes helping people.

AND THEN, after the ride we drove up to the windmills and I posed alongside one for scale. :) They're big. And super neat. They churn like quiet, fantastical giants with age-old wisdom that have grown weary yet patient with mankind's fretting. In other words, these things popped out of a Tolkien novel or something.
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