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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Ann Ride: success!

Describe your overall experience at the Ann Ride:
An enjoyable day and memorial for Ann.
Fun, fulfilling, an overall good time. Good food, too.
This was an awesome ride, I had a blast!
Riding & remembering riding with Anne.
Great- people were VERY nice.

What did you enjoy the most about the Ann Ride?:

I liked it all: cause, people, organizers, location, course.
The scenery, freedom to take my time to enjoy it.
Support stops. 
Quiet roads, nice people.
The scenery.

How did you hear about this ride?:
Knew Ann.
Bike shop.
Word of mouth.

Would you recommend this ride to friends?

What made you decide to join us for the Ann Ride?
Knew Ann, wanted to support the cause.
I rode with Ann.
My wife and I wanted to do it together.
Walla Walla wine tasting & the ride, mostly the ride.

How did you like the route?
Loved it- scenery was great.

Any other suggestions for next year?
Just do it again.
Don't stop.
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