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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bikes I'm Starin' At

It's funny that a lot of people in the US ogle at the bikes you see in the pages of Velonews or Pro Cycling with carbon fiber shoved into every nook and cranny and this is what I ogle at:

The Breezer Greenway: "Be advised, though: commuting by bicycle can be addictive!"

Independent Fabrication's Independence: "extremely durable and timetested world traveler."

Lightfoot Cycles' Courier: "The wide fenders are used to carry oversize loads (and often passengers). There is enough room to carry large tool boxes, and tote boxes.."

Velorbis Victoria Classic: "...Easily and seamlessly integrated into your everyday routine, whether you use it for commuting, shopping or simply arriving in style to meet your friends for a coffee at the local café."
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