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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What happened this year?

I'm in a funny place. I'm nearly 26 years old. I graduated from college 3, almost 4 years ago. I've done this and that-- did trail maintenance on Mount Rainier for a summer, worked in a fancy restaurant, chaperoned my old college cycling team, coached a junior cycling team, went on a bicycle tour across the country with a close friend, moved back to 'Seattle' to work in a bike shop.. and I'm sorta done with dinking around. I wouldn't mind another adventure. :) The Sierra Cascades and Great Divide are on my list. But I'm done with dinking around. I've been waiting for that clear path to emerge-- for the brambles to pull away and reveal the journey I was meant for.. but I feel like I just keep whacking at bushes that keep growing back.

Meanwhile, I keep riding my bike.

My first mountain bike! I was spoiled-- full suspension off the bat. I took it to every local mountain bike destination I could get to.

I went to a Bike Swap for the first time! I unloaded an embarrassing amount of bike stuff-- then put my profits into a new complete set of Arkel panniers.

Still learning how to mountain bike! Also discovered Whidbey Island as a great weekend ride. MMM-- Cappuccino!

I really immersed myself in Seattle bike commuting-- and often used coffee as a carrot. I think I filled up a couple Stumptown punch cards. And I discovered the strange thrill of riding across I-90.

I got to visit my college town, Walla Walla, for some good, ole' fashioned wheat-field riding that made me fall in love with cycling in the first place. It was wonderfully juxtaposed by later house sitting in West Seattle, which meant riding through the industrial part of Seattle every day. Then top it off with track racing on the velodrome and some multi-modal foldy rides!

The variety of bikes I ride begins to make my head spin!

I went for a mountain bike ride.. and ended up PARAGLIDING? Also- more track racing; steadily climbing the ranks from beginner's night to Friday Night.

First adventure race. More track. More foldy.

Xterra: off-road triathlon. Street Scramble: urban orienteering by bike.


More musing than riding. Lots of wistful map reading, but less riding. Tried cyclocross again, but ended up selling my cross bike. Losing bike steam, looking forward to orienteering season.

Tried luring myself out the door with cinnamon rolls. Sold my Long Haul Trucker, the front end of my Xtracycle. Sold full suspension frame/fork, built up steel Salsa Ala Carte! Orienteering season begins!

Of course, I've acquired another bike. I just can't help it. From Craigslist, I bought an old but pristine Specialized Hardrock (Chro Mo!). After new tires, fenders, shifters, locking skewers and a basket-- it'll be ready for puttering around town and pedaling to the trail head for a mountain run!

I'm moving to Issaquah!

It's even closer to the track!

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