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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Many of the excuses that people come up with for not riding a bike are easy to defeat:

It's rainy. (Wear a jacket.)
It's too far. (Take a bus partway.)
I don't want to wear lycra. (You don't have to.)

And so on.

But one excuse is hard to deal with: the place in which I live is not friendly to bicycles.

I wouldn't tell someone to ride down a four lane arterial and enjoy it. Bicycling is supposed to be FUN.

The town I currently live in isn't the best for bicycles. But I was a cyclist before I came here, I have good traffic skills and I am determined to escape the suburban mess and find peace on a far-away squiggly road. But it's a fight to get out. I feel like there are parts I have to "endure" in order to reach the "good stuff."

And while I live where I live for financial (and other) reasons-- I found that saving some money does less for my happiness than really great bike ride starting from the front door.

I'm moving to Issaquah!

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Lookatthat! Cougar MOUNTAIN, Squak MOUNTAIN, Tiger MOUNTAIN, Oh MY!

Oh, and there's also Grand Ridge, Duthie Hill and Soaring Eagle-- all of which I can bike TO, no car required!

Oh, and the Lake Sammamish trail and the Iron Horse that'll take you all the way to Eastern Washington.

And the local brewery serves locally brewed Rogue beer.


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