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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The way I see it-- I didn't have a choice.

The Enchantments. THE Enchantments. Of COURSE I was going to go see the ENCHANTMENTS.

She fingered the map, "the way to go is up to this lake, then over Aasgard pass.." and through the Enchantments.

That's not an offer to refuse.

It's only a 20 mile day hike. And Aasgard only gains 2000' in a mile. And much of it isn't so much "trail" as it is "path across boulders."

But whatever. I was going to see the Enchantments with Laura. It'd be a whole day of Laura time in some of Washington's most treasured landscape.


Of course, the miles added up and I wobbled and hobbled more and more as the day went on. Laura was patient. And kept us on schedule. Even when my shoes turned to cheese graters, we had to race the light-- so no picnics and few pictures. But it was awesome. I'm ridiculously sore. And the big blister will go away.
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