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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Stop in Boise

On the way to Xterra US Nationals in Utah, we stopped in Boise, Idaho.

Wow, Boise is one well kept secret!

Walk 100 paces from the edge of town-- and you will bump into a rad trail system. It's not a solitary getaway and it's not swarming with people either-- but it is well appreciated.

While waiting around in the parking lot, I watched a man trot down off the hillside, across the street and into town. He likely started his run right from his front door.

Look one way to see downtown..

..look the other way to see mountain bike bliss!

I stopped by the local mountain/bike shop to get a trail recommendation--
the woman we spoke with was so enthusiastic about Boise, she said,

"seriously, just move here."

I'd consider it.

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