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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Hard Drive!

My MacBook came back from the doctor with a new battery and hard drive! Good thing is that my computer is as good as new! Bad thing is that my computer is as good as new! None of my stuff is on it. Doh.

(No, it's not backed up. Yes, I know. I'm going back to the Genius Bar to see if they can still get it.)

So I can't show you the TOTALLY COOL PHOTOS I got from a bike commute the other day.

I shall rely on my words.

So I was out riding my Trek 520 , my trusty touring bike, from Seattle to Bellevue. It's a chilly and humid morning in Seattle. I flip my super bright lights on to flash mode. I FLY down, down, down Fremont. Well, that's a bit of a lie-- I laid on my brakes, down, down, Fremont and was happy at each stoplight that my brakes are awesome. Then I chugga-chugga up and down Dexter. OH MY GOODNESS! Seattle has so many bike commuters! We are passing each other and clumping at stop lights.

Then I was in downtown Seattle. Gray sky, gray ground, gray buildings-- red jacket. I am feeling very fashionable and comfortable in my Gore jacket. It's a sharp, mature look, notably missing the litter of sponsor names I would wear in college.

So I am in downtown Seattle-- pumpin' up and down one-way streets, changing lanes and following sharrows until I am bursting up Pine. I pull over at Stumptown to check the time and de-layer a bit. I am pressed for time, so I resist the cappuccino.

Up and down, up and down, I swoop through Madrona's posh an' quaint main street until I am rattling down to the water, carefully keeping my ever-increasing speed in check. I am focused on finding a smooth path down, void of cracks and holes. I am pumping and feathering the brakes, my butt behind the saddle, my cheeks wonderfully cold, fall air in my lungs, sweat vaporizing and my vision pans up off the concrete to see the water--


{insert picture here!}

Lemme tell you-- it was great. Hardly a distinction between water and sky-- just a white abyss and the Bellevue skyline pushing through it. My destination presented as a fantastical place.

It just wouldn't have been the same from the interior of a car-- warm air blowing, music bopping, heart rate resting. It would have been a disconnected and split-second observation.

I love riding my bike.
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