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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post Seattle Bike Swap

Today I went to the Seattle Bike Swap for the first time! I was there as a vendor, so I wasn't able to get around much to see what people were selling-- good thing, because I was there to SELL things, not buy them! 

Nevertheless, it's just a fascinating jumble. I did a quick lap with my camera before the doors opened.. and I mean QUICK! Other vendors were already inquiring us about prices!

Our booth

Lots of vintage

Lots of frames

Some new stuff

Lightly used stuff

And more vintage

Parts, Brooks, vintage

S-Works Helmets

and Pugs.

It wasn't ALL vintage, as my photos may suggest-- though there certainly was a LOT of that!-- you could also find some seriously pro carbon fiber parts and frames, new clothing and more. 

Vendor spaces sold out before the early bird deadline and the place was quite difficult to walk through when at its fullest-- it's a wonder that it's not housed in a bigger warehouse!

I would love to be at the meet as a window shopper-- much in the way that it's fun to visit the antique store with no intent to buy anything. Just looking, admiring, then falling in love with something and talking yourself out of it. As a vendor, I was happy to make some cash, but even happier to get my unused gear into hands that will use them.

Oh, and to my relief.. I made the amount of cash I was shooting for.. without selling my trailer. :) I like that trailer. I need to go find something to haul!
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