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Friday, February 12, 2010

Notes from the Tour

I found my stash of cards, notes and addresses from my summer's bike tour. It's just a small sampling of the wonderful people and places we came across.

We got to ride one of these! The ride is A-MAZ-ING. And at the time, sitting on a lawn-chair-style seat sounded MUCH better than our saddles!

Two (married) sergeants touring across the U.S. They each had a child's trailer packed to the brim with gear! We wondered how long it would take for them to shed the excess.

Suggestions written in and torn out of a Moleskine journal.
Her mom, like my touring partner's mom, also rode the TransAm in 1976!

Sami gave me a brown sack full of free donuts. :)

A sweet couple gave us a ride in their truck on a hot, humid day when we were behind schedule. Then they dropped us off (and paid for) a bed and breakfast! WOW!

Then a good friend of mine spotted us another night at a beautiful  bed & breakfast! Perfect timing, we got to rest up before the toughest part of the trip. And it smelled like fruit punch outside. Oh, but the card is from a couple from South Africa that we had dinner with at the B&B. Wonderful folks. They were patient with our story telling. :)

Paul has truly ridden all over the world. Including in the Andes in the heart of winter. Wow. We camped in the same city park that night. He was gone before we woke up in the morning (quick packer, as a skilled touring cyclist would be). We were on his tails for a while, though! We once came within an hour of him-- we knew because we saw his name in a journal that a grocery store kept for touring cyclists to sign. ..but we never caught him. Or maybe we did.

Staying in a Botanical Garden and meeting the amazing people that make it happen was one of the coolest places we got to stay the night!

We could either climb over a 11,500' mountain pass in the middle of a lightening storm.. or stay at Todd and Barb's, have dinner, share stories, do laundry, take a shower and go for the summit (11,500') in the morning. We stayed with Todd.

He's been on the road awhile. I think he was close to (or past?) 10,000 when we met him.

We frog hopped these silly boys for some time.

Our favorite Belgium couple. They were both in their 70's and quite overweight when they began-- but that didn't stop them from riding across the U.S.A! Sure, it took them 5 months instead of 3, but really-- I don't want to hear your excuses.
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