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Friday, February 5, 2010

Traffic Scenario

ORANGE HUMMER: "Do do doo.. Hmm, I'm going to turn left after the red hummer passes because I don't see anything behind it."

ORANGE HUMMER: "La la laa.. Hmm, looks like there is something behind that red hummer, because there is a bright white light coming from behind it.. probably a Light & Motion Stella 300 Dual or something.. I think I will wait to turn until I see what it is."

Second most likely cause of car/bike interaction (second to the cyclist riding the wrong way on the street).. driver turning LEFT into the cyclist.

The other day in the bike shop, we met a guy who has been riding around Mercer Island at night with his front light OFF to "preserve his night vision." Okay, guy, I'm sure that DOES improve YOUR night vision.. but not of those cars pulling out of driveways. The guy said he "turns his light back on when there are cars around." What, do you turn it on when you're on their HOOD? b'AAAAHH!!!
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