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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bicycle Handlebar Map Holder Review

This little accessory has made both my mountain and road rides so much better.

I'm still getting to know the area I'm living in-- both on and off-road. So, okay-- the basic thing to do would be stuff a map in my jersey pocket or Camelbak. But what if you REALLY don't know the area? And have to stop a LOT? When mountain biking, I can stop as frequently as every half-mile to check which way to go at an intersection. When road riding, I can keep turn-by-turn directions readily available and check the map less frequently.

This is what it looks like when folded up. The small clear panel on the front is perfect for brief turn-by-turn directions. Unfortunately, it is just big enough that the lower corners brush my legs when I stand up to pedal.

Unfold it once to reveal the perfect spot for a phone or some cash.

Unfold again to reveal your 8.5 x 11 inch map.

I pretty much love this map holder.

The only downsides:
  • The placement and size cause the corners of the bag to brush my legs when I stand up to pedal.
  • Not totally waterproof. I was on a wet ride when water basically soaked through the bottom in a few spots. I'll spray it with some waterproofing liquid and it should be good.
  • Online at Adventure Cycling's online store, or
  • At Gregg's Cycle in Seattle, Bellevue or Lynnwood, WA. (I work at the Bellevue location).
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