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Monday, August 31, 2009

Windy Wyoming

TransAmerica Bicycle Tour, Looking Back: Wyoming

It is fascinating to learn that every state can leave a surprisingly dissimilar impression on each touring cyclist. When we were in Yellowstone, we met a charming Belgian couple in their early 70's who were riding the TransAm (so stop assuming that it's a trip for "young people"!). They had happily just left Wyoming. For them, Wyoming was a place of wind, endless sagebrush and little services-- and so it became their least favorite state.

And yes, it was windy.

And there was a lot of sage brush.

And there were very little services.

But I LOVED Wyoming!

I rode with the horses for miles.

I adored open space for miles.

The landscape was fascinating for miles.

Maybe it would have been nicer without the wind.

But, no really--  I love riding in elements. Wind, rain. The mind wanders on a long ride, picking up random things to ponder. Like that black tar line that shows up in patterns on the road. What is that all about? 

But when there is wind or rain or some other challenging element, it naturally narrows my focus. Soon what I am thinking about is riding, not about the last movie I saw.

And I like that.

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