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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank You Posts

I've been thinking a lot about my Thank You Posts lately. Sometimes it seems that I am writing strings of Thank Yous which makes the touring life seem far more plush than it is. And then I think about those who have helped us, looking up this blog, seeing their Thank You after 5 other Thank Yous and feeling like their help perhaps wasn't needed. And then I skip a Thank You, because maybe the readers are bored of the Thank Yous, but I never forget how I never wrote a Thank You post for that one awesome home stay (i.e. Todd & Barbara in Frisco!) and then it just gets awkward to go back.

Basically, the dilemma is:
  1. appropriately thanking people
  2. without making them feel like their help was just a drop in a bucket
  3. and without creating misleading ideas about bicycle touring
  4. and not boring readers.

Currently blogging out of Steve and Erica's place in Blacksburg, VA. (So close! ..yet so far away.)

There will be a huge backlog of photos, thoughts, reviews and more to come soon!
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