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Friday, August 14, 2009

Snug Hollow

Okay, this is going to make us sound quite spoiled after posting about our stay with Greg and our hitch to a bed and breakfast, so here's a picture to make you feel sorry for us:

Oh, wait-- that's my free sundae at the Bluegrass Festival.

There! This is what our typical 'accomodations' look like these days. Good ol' concrete pavillion and the storm of the century goin' on all night. You're lucky if you can find a spigot and fortunate if you don't feel compelled to clutch your pepper spray all night. And food? We've now eaten at McDonald's TWICE in one day. The sausage biscuit is actually not bad. And the dollar menu is a real deal! ..anyway..

We were totally BLOWN AWAY when a good friend of mine texted me,

When you get to a town tonight
find a hotel, a nice one,
and call me with the phone number.

I wish she could have seen us. Our smiles just about blew off our faces.

We didn't mean to pick out SUCH a nice one, but Snug Hollow Farm-- "an organic farm with 300 acres of glorious wildflowers, creeks, abundant wildlife and the simplcity of country life.."-- was perfectly where we needed to stop. Berea was too early and the next town was much too far.. come to think of it, we realized that we would have to either fall behind schedule or strand ourselves in the middle of no services. The timing was incredible. And to top it off, she even bought us fresh-out-of-the-garden dinner, complete with wine, dessert and pleasant company.

We loved EVERYTHING about Snug Hollow.

  • Barbara, the InnKeeper, charming yet direct.
  • The house held an infinite amount of treasures to discover.
  • The property actually smelled like "fruit punch".. seriously.
  • A REAL dinner and a REAL breakfast.
  • Other travellers to meet.
  • We got to sleep in seperate rooms!
  • We stayed until checkout time.

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