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Friday, August 14, 2009

Our first night at a bed and breakfast.

We stopped in the Dollar General to look for pasta and a can of beans to eat that night. Mia laughed and grumbled, "we're never going to get out of here at this rate!" We had been making stops at just about every gas station on the road for just one moment of respite from the heat and hills.
I went to the restroom and walked out to find Mia chatting with a friendly couple in the store, sharing our trip and such, as we frequently do. I joined in the conversation and quipped, half-joking, "you don't have a TRUCK, do ya?"

"Actually, we do!"

Oh, it was WONDERFUL to watch those roads snake away behind us.

And then, to our surprise, we hopped out of the truck at a hotel.

"We want to put you up for the night."

And we were stunned.

And they were determined! The first two hotels were full, but we found a bed and breakfast up the road. A BED and BREAKFAST!

They even left us some dinner cash.

Look at that table! No bird poop!

Look at that bed! Full size pillows!

We have a lot of kindness to pay back.

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