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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh, Snow!

This is how it went down. It was cold and it was grocery day, so I put on my Smartwool neck gaiter.

I went into the grocery store and bought ALMOST too many groceries to carry home.

Then, when I came out- my bike looked like this:

Hey!! Whaddya doin' on my bike, Snow?!

Then I woke up and the yard looked like this:


Good thing I never got around to taking off my studded tires!

It only looks like a snowball donut because I walked it down the driveway. The studs did great in the packed snow, slush and ice. It'll do anything except deep powder. Well, and ruts are quite an adventure. That's where handling skills come in.

Then- bus.

Before you readers of snowier climes roll your eyes- this is Seattle! Salamanders do not like getting snowed on! I prefer the mild and mossy forests.

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mary Westmacott said...

Love The snowy looks, cool pics and a great wintery weather outfit, your make me want to be out in it myself. Keep up with the posting x

Jensen's Sweet-tooth said...

I can't believe you rode your bicycle in the snow! You are so hardcore, sister! lol

Terrance McGray said...

The atmosphere is simply amazing and you will undoubtedly enjoy bicycle riding in this cool snow clad atmosphere.

Nadia said...

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Anonymous said...

you´re really well equiped, I have to say :D and do you also have and use some kind of GPS? iPhone navigation or anything else?

Korry Aldrin said...

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