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Friday, April 1, 2011


It's been a while since I last posted. That doesn't mean that I haven't been riding- I'm actually commuting by bike more regularly these days. It's just that my journaling of bike commuting has played itself out. I have new adventures to tackle: orienteering, trail running and off-road triathlon top the list. While that sorta fits in here, I feel like I need a new space for these new pursuits.

So An Adventure will go on hiatus for a while. I may return here to post about any bike tours I do. Meanwhile, I'm getting to work on 2 new blogs. Yes, 2!

One will organize trail running-related activities for women.

The second will be a seasonally focused photo blog of life outside: trail running, mountain biking, etc. One of my favorite things I've done on this blog is the photo compilation video I did of a winter in Walla Walla. It's not the quality of the video that I'm crazy about, but just the fact that I was outside so much that winter, that it resulted in a dense collection of photos. My goal on my new blog will be to go on enough adventures that I can create a video compilation for every season.

Thanks to all that have appreciated and enjoyed this blog. It will remain as a resource for you touring and Xtracycle folk. And when I get my X back (it's on loan), or go on tour- I will return here to share.




Patrice Nora said...

I'm kinda sad to see you go on hiatus, I can't tell you how helpful your blog has been. I think I have read everything on here! All the little tips and tricks, and of course, your Trans Am tour section. Awesome. Thanks for keeping a kick-ass blog!

Bikejuju said...

Just keep riding!

Anonymous said...

Thanks RJ, I read your blog and ordered my first xtracycle!!!

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RandomManCan said...

I've loved reading your blog. It really is an inspiration. I'm planning on taking a bike trip from Oregon to Mexico in May!!

Genelia dsouza said...

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