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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Commute Time

As the new year rolled around, I noticed that I've been posting about half as much as I did when I lived in Walla. Maybe part of that is because I am no longer cruising around town on an Xtracycle, attempting to carry any and everything by bike, just because it was fun. The Xtracycle doesn't fit on the bus, here in the city, so it's temporarily retired.

But to offset that decline, I've tried so many new things since I've moved to the Seattle area: mountain biking, track, putting my bike on the bus.

Then a friend pointed out that I spend a whole lot more time commuting in Seattle than I ever did in Walla Walla. Dang, I really do. Walla Walla is 5 miles wide! It only took 10 minutes by bike to get.. Well, anywhere! Now it takes an hour and a half to bike or bike/bus a route that takes 20 minutes in a car. Now I really get the commitment it can take to be a "bike commuter."

What used to be blog time is now commute time.. Until I got an iPhone that is! I can snap a photo, whiz it up in Adobe Express, do a little thumb tapping and BAM. I've blogged, on location.

We'll see how this goes. I feel like I don't write so guud when writing at the pace of my thumbs, but perhaps I'll learn.

I'm open to new ideas.

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Hughie said...

When I started getting serious about cycling in 2009, and shortly after started my blog I lived only about 1.5km from my university. I went on 50-60km recreation rides to small areas just outside the city every weekend, and had lots to blog about. This past year I moved back home with my parents, 18km away from my university, I biked about 2 or 3 times a week, and car pooled the rest. I found when the weekend came, I wasn't really up for long rides after my 36km commutes, so I didn't have much to blog about.

Now I live in a new city, winter biking for the first time, and work from home so when the weekend comes I have lots of energy to go exploring again!

Andy said...

Hey RJ...thanks for all the posting you do. I really do check daily for updates! Just to let you know you're a big reason I've been riding an xtracycle everyday for the last 2 1/2 years. So, while I miss the posts on the xtra, I've enjoyed seeing the track posts, folding bike, and new commuting situations. Keep up the good work!

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